These four paws have taken me on many adventures. I remember most of them, if not all of them.

Photo credit: Sahil Pandita on Unsplash

But my favourite one, the greatest adventure of my life was on an autumn day. The sun was low in the sky.  My owner was wearing her purple dress and smelled of flowers, like from the garden. She told me I could go. I will plead my case by starting the story there.

She told me I could go, and use the washroom. She opened the large patio door, letting me free from the big house. I raced down the stairs eagerly, finding a nearby tree to mark my territory. Once I went, I gave it a whiff, smelled surely like me.

I smelled something though. With my black and wet nose pressed firmly to the ground, I continued to sniff. Surely besides the dirt, I could smell it.  I got distracted a few times, first by a  hairy little rodent, a swinging tail just dancing before me as he hopped into the tree.

I made large barking sounds, trying to scare into coming down. But it went away, never to see the furry friend again. Until tomorrow, he knew when I had to go, I’d surely catch him then.

Going back to my mission, I pushed my nose to the ground, sniffing until I came against the large metal gate. This was my prison, keeping me from out of the world, but I knew a spot, a spot that was secret and only I could fit through.

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I ran there, eagerly, rushing and pushing myself against the sharp metal. I continued to sniff, trailing along the back fences. Going through people’s yards until I finally reached a spot. It was another house, similar in looks to mine. Rushing up to the door, I noticed it was open. My feet hit the floor, it smelled so familiar. Looking around I noticed something.

The hat.

It was a plain old baseball cap, it was faded a bit from its Navy Blue. Grabbing it quickly I snatched it in my teeth.

“Hey! Get out!” A woman shouted, and with everything I had, I ran. I ran through the yards, struggled through the metal gate and ran home.

The smell I knew oh so well was in my hands now. I had to bring it to mama, she would be happy with what I found. Rushing to the door, I placed it on the wood of the deck. I hadn’t even noticed how dark it was, the night sky was in control now, the moon, my ancestors howled at.

Opening the door, in a snuggly fur of her own, she looked down at me. She looked sad like she was crying.  I quickly leaped up, lapping at her face, wanting to lick the salty water away.

She smelled good though, something of pine, and that icky soapy thing she uses. It tastes funny. -Note to self… don’t eat that.

“Where have you been? How dare you run off like that! You scared me.” Backing up, I grab the cap and show it to her. Loud barks were coming from my muzzle. The drool dripped down on the hat once more.

“What do you have there?” 

Pivotal Object
Photo credit: Yang Deng on Unsplash

She looked it over, before looking down at me. “Where did you get this?” She then mumbled something but I wasn’t paying attention. I just wanted to show her the hat. It was the hat from the man, the man who came here, gave me belly rubs.

I always remember them because they made me smile, and he had such nice nails that raked through my coat.  She looked sad by seeing the hat. I didn’t do anything else but give her kisses. She misses him, I can tell, I do too. 

But when I think back on my adventures… that day was one of the best. 

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