Taste the Wind of Change…

Photo credit: Jonne Mäkikyrö on Unsplash

Someone said you could taste the wind of change… 

I never believed in those words before. Until, today.

Currently, I was wearing a tan pair of pants, along with a white shirt, the button-down type, along with my bowling shoes. 

I had a piece of cherry-mint bubblegum in my mouth. I snapped my mouth a couple of times, smacking on the flavour, I was disappointed at how fast it would fade, slowly you were just chewing a plastic piece of elastic. That’s when I would add more into my mouth.

Walking out on the open field, I could overlook every little field. This field was mine now. I paid for it, every hard-earned dollar. All the part-time jobs, the sucky bosses, the crappy food – it was the cheapest of the cheap. Just so I could buy this patch of land.

Photo credit: Benjamin Faust on Unsplash

I was a child when I first saw this land, a dream of mine, to own something, to be lost in the world, with only grass around me, open fields.

As a teenager, I started my first job and long-term job, till I quit yesterday evening, at the bowling alley. Now I was here, on the land I owned.

I rolled the small clear-glass marble in my hand. There it lay, at the bottom of my cookie tin, holding all my deep dark secrets -the money. Perfect for this place.

Playing with it, caused it to fall onto the ground, rolling along whatever I wanted this place to be. I could envision a small wood cabin, a beautiful woman cooking a warm meal, the thought of those baked beans and roast park with mashed potatoes, my mouth watered, my mind creating a wonderful fantasy.

Pivotal Object
Photo credit: Marc Schulte on Unsplash

I continued to skip along the dirt path, kicking dirt in my face with each skip. The taste of the earth, coating my tongue with each potent smacking of my lips.  Moving the dirt along with my gum. 

A rancid taste moved through me, but I had no paper on me, and I didn’t plan to spit this gum on the ground, where it could never decompose. 

So I suffered with it. Continuing to enjoy the view, overlooking my life. As I lifted the glass marble to my eye, I looked through it.

I would need a spyglass, but for now, it would do, just to envision, like I was a kid once more. 

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