Winterfest 2022: My Favourite Memories; Day 1

Most know that I am participating in: Winterfest, which is a group of people that do something fun based off Beauty and the Beast 1987, as you all can tell, I’m obsessed with the show.

It was a blast, we had a welcome zoom that I could participate in, and I also did some of the online chats including this being my List Poem.

Lisa van der Wilt    

Good times

Drabble: Catherine – Fountain Pen – Bethesda Fountain in Central Park- 100 words

Catharine sits near the Bethesda Fountain which is located in Central Park. She waits there, writing with her fountain pen in the journal that Vincent gave her. A method of communication for them both is to write down their feelings. All great things were in books, people’s best love stories were there, written on paper for all to read.

Past, present, future, that’s how the great’s recorded it. Catharine and Vincent’s story was special, written by two people, sharing their feelings. To record something so special and unique, compared to all things left unsaid, undone. A memory in time, always.

It has been a lot of fun, and I plan to continue in the following days.

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