Winterfest: Day 2

Winterfest Rose!

Today was a quieter day, it was my Sunday though, so it’s always a quiet day….

Most know that I am participating in: Winterfest, which is a group of people that do something fun based on Beauty and the Beast 1987, as you all can tell, I’m obsessed with the show.

My first active participation was looking through the submissions at the gifts people give everyone. I tried to stay up late last night and played through a lot of the games.

Today’s first activity (that people were awake for) was the episode chat of season two: A Fair and Perfect Night. (Though I just watched the show in the previous months, I enjoyed myself rewatching it.) Even though this episode isn’t huge on Vincent and Catharine’s love story plot…

My Drabble: Vincent – Balloon (or Several Balloons) – Mirror Pool

Vincent sits next to the mirror pool, the vision of balloons in his head as he thought back to one of the children’s birthdays. It had passed and he was always left with a melancholy feeling, his thoughts always on how time fleeted. Just like the balloons as they floated away, or the stars that sparkled in the night sky and were gone, time passed.

Slowly, but surely fast enough. Vincent thought long and hard on the subject as he sat staring into the colourful abyss of the mirror pool. His heart and mind in deep thought over every thing.

Then during Winterfest (in the evening) which I am unable to participate in, they would have a crafted rose, so see picture above, what my rose is like, I’m so excited…. I just love it.

It’s not perfect, But I’m happy with it.

A Haiku about Narcissa.
(Reminder, I’m not very good with poems)

Wisdom Beyond Us
Ever seeing eyes that tell us things
Mystic Lady, Narcissa

I played some games, chatted and overall had a blast! Making friends and meeting new people!!!

Oh wait… I forgot the best part!

The gentleman: David Greenlee, who played mouse, was there to discuss with us! It was crazy and yes, even though it was just a chat room… I got butterflies! With celebrities, they don’t understand that they are a part of something that affects us, resonates with us.

Then you talk to them, and they are regular people, just like you and I.

What a day!


Apparently, I’m Narcissa

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