Today was the third day of Winterfest and it was amazing.

I was fortunate to attend early in the morning a live reading of Great Expectations by a fanfic writer, Carole…(I think, don’t quote me.)

It brought me to tears! The story was so good and romantic. I lacked a photo, simply because I was so invested in the story!

After lunch, I had a moment and decided to join over in their online discussion about crossovers and what shows would be the best to have a crossover with.

Here is my third drabble in the Winterfest.

Paracelsus – Alka-Seltzer – Joe’s Office

As Paracelsus looked out the window at the twinkling snowflakes as they fell, he groaned. He had raised Joe’s office for an alka Seltzer as well as look into Cathy, doing more research into her life, using it as bait in a way to lure Vincent out.

He knew that Vincent had grown attached to the girl, and as he took a seltzer, he nodded, proud of himself for taking more than one thing out of Joe’s office.

Staring at the mess he had made in the office was not his exact plan, but it was all he could do.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, I gave them my latest gift!

Make sure you get it!

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