Somehow we are already on day four on one of my favourite events I’ve participated in, and let me just tell you, I’m not prepared to know that there are only five days left.

Sadly due to timing issues, I’m unable to join the zoom calls they have this evening, but the event items are a blast.

People submit such amazing, detailed things that I just can’t help but invest a lot of time in the group.

The drabble for today needed: Jamie – A Ticket (of some kind) – Brooklyn Bridge

Jamie looked at the ticket in her hand. Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t far away, her destination was clear. If she could go where this ticket told her too, she could find the thing she needed for Mouse. It had been a long time since he had received anything new, but this was her goal. So she set out, following the ticket’s instructions, explaining to her what must be done.

When she finally was past Brooklyn Bridge, making through the path she found herself heading to some run-down buildings, things that were less of the modern day. Finally, she found it all.

In the afternoon I participated in the chatroom that discussed V&C and where they would go. Since he lives in the tunnels and he doesn’t get out much, the plot of it, and its theories were fun if not radical at best.

A poem about Edie or Joe. Needing to be a Cleirhew Poem that made fun of it’s celebrity.

Edie, helpful with every task,
Where did she go, may I ask?

All the things you should do,
but now, you’re out of view.

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