Winterfest Day 5

I’m gonna cry in the corner at the speed of time…

I actually participated in the writing challenge of the poem: Nonet poem with 9, 8, 7 syllables etc… and I chose the prompt of someone’s chamber below.

A beautiful place that’s down below,
A chamber made up just for me,
Glass colourful behind me,
There’s a bed, desk, and shelves,
The place I sleep, soft.
A spot to write,
With the books,
For You,

It’s not perfect, but I’m learning!

Here is my drabble using: Samantha – homework assignment – Whispering Gallery

Samantha looked down at her homework assignment as she sat in the Whispering Gallery. She should be spending her time on the questions below, but the paper didn’t interest her. The stories, the ideas that flowed in her mind was not that of this world. Her thoughts circled with the whispers around her, her thoughts flowing but unable to word them on paper.

She wanted to be like Vincent, he read to them the stories, and she too wanted to write something special, she knew he could as he sat in his chambers, and wrote. She wanted that as well.

Then I participated in the Comedy in the Tunnels, which was a discussion on the funniest lines from the show.

Now personally, a lot of the show was good, but my brothers had so many Cat jokes it was impossible not to be laughing all the time.

Then in the afternoon, I joined in on another Zine Reading by the beautiful Katie,

She told us a story that someone wrote about Vincent’s biological parents. Since we were left with so little, it is up to us, the fans of the shows to dream and fantasize about what happened, which is something that this story gave us.

Joan Stephens was the writer of that story and the next which was all about her disappearance and trying to get back together. Which was beautiful.

Overall I had a blast, today was amazing! Another great one for the books!

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