Was it really day 6? Is it almost over? Yes, to both those questions.

So for the sixth day, I had a blast, of course.

I started by doing 20 questions with one of the ladies which turned more into a discussion of our favourite things from the show.

A naughty Limerick below:

Vincent, man or beast?
She could eat him up like a feast,
He was handsome, smart, and sexy,
Thankfully in bed, he was very flexi,
Maybe she can talk him into being a nudist!

My Daily Drabble: Mouse – raspberry jam – The Great Falls

The great Falls echoed in the large room. The sounds of splashing water cascading down was a beautiful sound. Rarely did Mouse ever sit and listen, but whilst he ate his slice of toast, with the fresh Raspberry Jam that William made with the fresh fruit a helper brought, he took everything in. He was always travelling above to find things one might use for his inventions, but nothing was more safe, more sound and special then this place right here.

The tunnels were sacred, each spot being unique in their specialties, including the water, the special, great, water falls.

Then we had craft time before lunch and it was amazing. We made these ^ stained/mosaic glass window type of paintings.

Afterwards, a beautiful painting of a feather, that we were meant to use a toothbrush but I didn’t have at the time, so I just used an old-fashioned paintbrush.

Sometime later we had a discussion on what episodes were our love to hate them kind of thing. The parts of shows we didn’t like so much and could do without.

Overall the day was amazing!

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