In the morning I had some time to chat with some people in the chatroom. I was having a meh day today so it was slow and hard to do much of anything.

Today it was an ABC Poem: About a character above or below.

Cropped, brunette hair, beautiful,
Love story incomplete.
Story new and special, smart, strong, brave.
Voice of an angel, important all the same.
Catharine, a Beauty with her Beast.

In the afternoon I got to watch an Episode Chat which was: Shades of Grey

Then we did Scattegories together.

It was such fun to list some things and my ideas were off the wall..

5. Something that you shouted while watching the show starting with the letter R
I gave the sentence: “Really, Kiss her!”

1 Why was Mitch upset (I think I may be wrong on that again) letter R
I gave the sentence “Romantically Declined”

Overall that was really helpful for my emotional status for the day.

Drabble of the Day: William – book of poetry – Mirror Pool

William sat down near the Mirror Pool. He wasn’t the type to sit here but he was practically forced by those around him, Mary, Father, Vincent and even Pascal joined in on the intervention. He sat down with a book of poetry, one of his favourites.

He was used to others reading to him, but with the need of a mini-vacation he was alone, given a minute without any work, which he thought was a waste of time. But it was what the others had wanted, so he thought he’d give it a try.

He read the words aloud.

Have a wonderful day, because I sure did!

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