Today is one of the last days 🙁 to say it saddens me is accurate. This has been one of the highlights of my year *thus far*, in all entirety, I’ve been really good this year.

My life has its peaks and its falls.

This? Oh, it’s nothing. A love note? No….

Was playing a fun caption game ^

I also participated in the afternoon Episode Chat. Today we were watching A Happy Life, season 1 episode 22.

My poem for the day was an Acrostic poem that was about a person above.

Catharine, the lady of the day.
Around when you need her most.
The love for one, is overpowering.
Happy Life
Above, Below, can’t decide
Right now, her heart’s captivated.
In her work above, she hold’s the law close.
Now, everything is of great importance

My drabble for the day:  Father – Candy Bar – Catherine’s Apartment

Father sat in Catharine’s apartment, awaiting her arrival. He was holding the most important news to tell her, but alas he waited. He knew that it was strange for him to sit and wait here, but what could he do? This news was something that could not wait, but he dared not visit at her work place.

He grabbed the candy bar from his apartment, he had stopped, seeing a vending machine on the side of the road, something in his mind drew him too it, the dollar bill he saw on the floor, urging him to eat the chocolate.

Then I was fortunate to participate in the zoom Trivia of Season 2.

I did not win, actually, I was in 5th place, the last of the last! haha!

Overall it was an exciting day, and I’m so sad that tomorrow is the final day!

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