The Final Day of Winterfest 2022

This was the final day of Winterfest, so there won’t be any more posts with drabbles etc. I hope I gave you a chance to see into the fandom I love. I also got to practise my writing skills with my previous post.

Here is the drabble core things: Rebecca – a letter – Central Park

Rebecca sat in the still of Central Park. The moon was above and shining down on her. She sat with a pen and paper in hand, thinking of a letter she wanted to write. Maybe a letter, maybe just the thoughts in her head. Who would she address it to? What would it say? Her thoughts were running around as a hamster did on its wheel, something about the entire occasion gave her the feels.

Starting she began to allow the words some time to flow.

“I sit, the moon hovering above me. If only you were here with me.”

I joined in on a game of hide and seek.

Then I participated in the European goodbye chat. It was fun to talk to people.

In the afternoon I participated in my final activity with the Plot Bunny Challange.

You can see my submission here:

It was a small day for me, but enough to bring me nothing but utter joy!

Find the little things in life, and this albeit not that little, was important to me, and brought me great happiness!

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