Winterfest Entry: The Advice Catharine Should Take

This is a fan-fic entry I wrote myself about the show Beauty and the Beast 1987. This would probably be taking place in roughly season 2. The idea was given by Maria from the 2021 Winterfest and included on the plot-bunny website.

Dear Elisabeth,

I’m writing to you to gather some sage advice. I was impressed with your extensive set-list of romances that you’ve helped, also the fact that you’re a romance writer drew me in. Something that I was surprised, got you a position at the paper.

What do you recommend for my scenario?

I’m in love with someone, madly. But we haven’t fully admitted it to each other. I think I’ve said in passing that I have feelings for him. But we don’t go out much, we meet up, help each other with different problems in our lives, but it’s as if I’m watching it.

Before I know it, it’s over and we are back to being alone and re-calling or reliving our love for each other.

We are both in such different spaces in our lives, but I can’t see my life without him. Because when he is with me, there is no darkness.

What do I do?


Catharine put the pen down, sealed the envelope and walked down the stairs of her apartment building before she mailed off the letter. Catharine wasn’t one to write these “self-made” people, promoting love and happiness, that thought they knew what others were going through.

When Catharine went to bed that evening, a grin on her face after a splendid evening with Vincent, she wondered what the woman would do in response to her letter.

But when Catharine awoke a couple of days later and went to work like any usual morning, she was surprised to see – when opening the morning paper, a response had been left.

Dear C,

First off, thank you for giving me a shot, I hope you listen carefully, I’m a very wise woman, regardless of my years, or yours.

Now, since I’m going with very little I’m going to imagine that he is a Prince, or that he works for the mafia, something that will always keep you apart, separate worlds, right?

Thankfully I think the mafia portion paints a better picture, so I choose that. The love of your life is in the mafia, and you met through something terrible. Did he kidnap you? No… no, let’s not go with that. Maybe it was just a random meeting, two hearts bound to be together.

You love to sing, right? Something that you do when you spend time together. But somehow you both are helping each other often and all you get are small little moments together. But those moments built you a lifetime, and you fell in love.

If you haven’t said it flat out, TELL HIM. God please just do it. (Let me know how it turns out).

Now C, the next steps are very important. You get one life, in a blink of an eye, a shot in the dark, and you’re gone. So go to him, tell him how you feel, your love for him, hold him, kiss him. Then, work things out. If you can pick one spot, be together. Work comes and goes, nothing is as important as love.

Take it from a single, romance writer.

Catharine looked at the paper, her eyes wet with tears at the thought of this woman’s words. Though she didn’t fully know the story, Catharine wanted to be with him, and the words only confirmed it for her, the things she should do.

When Catharine finished work, she fled, with a beat in her step, she ran and ran with all her might. Finally, she made her way to the tunnels, the secret entrance in Central Park. The night sky was dark, as she searched for the lock to open it, the doors swung open, Vincent stood at the entrance, waiting for her.

“Vincent.” She exclaimed, holding the paper in her hand.
“Catharine, reading morning gossip?”
“Not quite, I tried something.” She held up the paper, bringing it closer to the article she had circled earlier, the combination of letters, from C to Elisabeth.

She handed it to him as she waited, giving him a moment to read everything over.

“What is this exactly?” He asked, curious to know the definition of the paper, something he didn’t read often, a world not pertaining to him.

“You’re in the mafia, obviously? No… no… I asked for advice, maybe I shouldn’t have, but I did.”
“What advice did you need, Catharine?”

“I should have told you sooner, but Vincent…” Grasping his face, she gently placed her hand on his cheek. The soft caress of his fur on her skin.

“Vincent, I love you. I should have done this myself without some self-made writer to tell me, but Vincent, no one has ever loved anyone as I’ve loved you. Our bond is powerful, and we are linked. No matter what happens. I want to be with you, and even though I have things up there, it can’t stop us.”

She held onto him, wrapping her arms around him in an embracing hug. Her body folded into his, the perfect fit. He was still, silenced, fear crept over her slowly.

Glancing over in his direction, lifting her head to see his, he pressed his lips to her forehead. His soft caress held true as he held the kiss, not letting go.

“No, you don’t need a romance writer to tell you, but…” He paused before looking down into her eyes.

“I love you. I love you so much that it hurts. Our bond is unbreakable, our love will overpower everything that comes our way.”

“I hope so.” He muttered under his breath.

“I know so.” She replied, giving him one hug, just a bit tighter.

After everything they’ve been through, they needed to open everything, Catharine felt a small pang of guilt for needing an outside source to say it so clearly for her to listen.

But at this moment, everything was being here with him, and in his arms.

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