The Celebration of Love …

I love Beauty and the Beast… so I entered their contest for their Classic Alliance in reference to their latest anniversary.

No one noticed the two.

Vincent and Catherine were sharing one of their most important moments. For Catherine, this was a time that she was brought back to the bad that happened to her, but somehow by the powers of the universe, it brought along the good. The good that was Vincent.

When two souls collided, not knowing how the simple deed of compassion that Vincent had for a stranger brought upon them.

A love that formed a bond of great joy to them both.

Today was a special day, regardless of the circumstances for both of them.

Catherine stood at the entry of the Central Park Tunnel’s entrance. She was wearing something of the unusual for her. Unlike her usual business attire, she wore a dress; it was of a pale pink color, her hair was down, and flowed against her back.

She was waiting for Vincent to come today, April 12th; the day where the two officially met had become their anniversary. She was excited to surprise him with a fully planned trip. Something a little different than their usual excursions.


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