My Latest Novel

I have become an author…


It all started when I was 12 years old.

I wanted to write. I was obessed with Twilight and wanted to share my thoughts. I had good stories too, I knew it.

So… I wrote similar to the story. Its on Wattpad, its practically Fan-Fic. Though I didn’t know that.

Then I met the man of my dreams… or so I thought (at 14) and I wrote a story about him, off a fantasy in my mind… which gave me 16 and Pregnant with Twins.

Yes its a mouthful but I love it…

After that, I tried publishing it through amazon… at 17. The editor I paid was not what it was meant too be and it was just… not so great.

So I took it down a while ago and wanted to… try again.

So here I am… publishing Taken Care Of, a book I wrote last year… so many things were happening, I had just broke up with my ex, I was on so many emotions, and they all compiled and made… Theo and Liv come to life.

For all to read.

So enjoy this story, now able to buy here, through my website, you can buy through amazon and other websites as well.

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