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What if Love is the Point

#whatifloveisthepointbook is a story that is about two actors and their discovering faith in God. It’s a powerful read and there is something that will speak to everyone!

I know that I’ve suffered with Body images and how I see myself, always thinking the worst. I’ve been Catholic all my life and some of the view points they mentioned, things they saw with their children and how it happened for them, the tiny connection things… it made sense to me. Things clicked like a lightbulb.

You both have such beautiful souls. Thank you for giving me a chance to read this. Although I’m a sea in the mass of fishes, you’re amazing, and surely God shines his love on you for showing others the point.

They are actors and I got picked to read their book. It sounds kind of crazy… because with them being celebrities your brain goes… they are so different then who I am. I’m down here, doing my own thing, while they are up there.

They’re all that.

This book is showing you, like hey, we’re people too.

Constantly while I was reading the book. Reading the points of their biggest struggles, including eating disorders, drugs, and like real-life-house-struggles. Those are things you can’t make up. It was such an incredible story, and if you need one to read, and they show you things that awakened them to little things on how God feels, its… wonderful.

I love this book! SO much!

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