The Top 5 Apps I Use as a Writer

As a writer, I am always using my computer – I’d love to use a typewriter or pen and paper but its just way too hard.

Using technology that is readily available to me just makes more sense.

For me writing is about getting into the groove of things. I love to create places in my mind, have characters come to life, and just release all my thoughts and put them on paper – like I have some stories no one will see. Unless I die and someone shares them.

So what do I use to write my stories?

1. Trello

I’m not going to lie. This is a newer one in my steps – I’ve used it before. I’m not living under a rock, I just mean its new to the writing world for me. Anywho, I started using it as a way for me to map my characters out, beyond what I have on my pen and paper. – I’m old fashioned, my notes are on paper too. Sue me.

2. Pinterest

This one has been in the works for quite a long time now. I use Pinterest as a means of getting book boards. To set the mood and feel them go beyond my words. I can describe someone’s eye’s so much better if I see them. This is why I like to people watch.

Her eyes brought me into the depths of the sea, the ocean waves danced as she glanced in my direction, her long black lashes blinking slowly, noticing the tiny movements with each flutter.

3. Papyrus Author

This one is entirely new to me. I literally found it a couple of weeks ago and have fallen in love. Editing is really fun with their service, let alone using it to design eBooks and Print copies. As you can see I’m working on Destined For You – A new series all about a family and their 5 kids. We got foster siblings happening. It’s gonna be epic!

4. Grammarly

I have Grammarly for everything – I told people I write, I don’t have a best friend relationship with grammar. So this app is my friend for emails, blog posts, and of course my writing. I have it installed on my computer with Microsoft word. The only problem/downfall is I don’t always trust many apps using online space, the thoughts (character sheets, images and such) that don’t bother me. It’s the actual words. So if you’re like me that’s the worst problem.

5. Microsoft Office

I used Microsoft Office for EVERYTHING. But times have changed and I’m branching out (see number #3) I honestly used this bad boy to get everything ready for the launch of Taken Care Of. This was my bad boy for so long, and its hard trying something new, but you have to try things to get what you need.

BONUS: 6. Excel Sheets

Okay, so I said there were five, but I totally forgot about Excel. – Sorry friend.
So we’ve got Excel Sheets and I can’t remember who had made this WONDERFUL top-of-the-line tracker. I put all my writing hours and words down here, I get calculated information so I can share with my fans in newsletters, or groups.

So, that’s what I use all the time for my writing as an author. Have you used any of these apps before? If so, which one is your favourite?

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