A New Life – The Past Year

On the 16th of September 2021, I officially moved and changed my life completely.

I wrote a blog all about last year as it was a Year in Review <—- Check that out there.

I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada all my life, from the ages of 0-21… my entire life. Then we changed entirely. Seeing how it’s been a year, I thought I would list some of the differences between this place and the next.

Here is the list of differences:

*Please note this list applies to my area and other parts of SK could be different

  1. There is only 1 radio station (unless you want AM) *this applies to my area*
  2. People Wave to you… always
  3. You will always be driving (want to go to the big city 2h away, a farm that you thought was close… sucker that’s 2hrs out too…)
  4. They don’t have milk bags… only milk jugs.
  5. We don’t do time changes. It’s Central Standard Time all year long.
  6. The Rural Catholic Churches have only 1 Priest circulating between three parishes… (I feel for them)
  7. There isn’t a Tim Hortons in every town.
  8. One Library Card counts for every library in the entire province.
  9. The roads are mainly dirt except for the major highways.
  10. Saskatchewan isn’t entirely flat, and no I can’t see my dog run off for years to come. Some really beautiful parts of SK include Qu’Appelle Valley and Melfort. Lots of trees and some hills, and the valley has a beautiful river/water.
  11. I don’t have an address, and the Postal System doesn’t home deliver. Also, FedEx and UPS and Perloator, don’t deliver to Canada Post… which all I have is a PO Box in a Postal office… so much fun.
  12. You can buy alcohol in the Co-op Grocery Stores. <— have not seen that before.
  13. The driver’s License system is different than Ontario…

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