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September Reads, Reviews, Thoughts (RRT)

Welcome to this month’s September Reads. This month was so busy and FILLED with ARC reads… like maybe a few are my own.

First off, a little WARNING… this will have a bit of spoilers… I will try to put a disclaimer before I do them… and make it so you don’t have to worry, but if you like to read a book and don’t know anything… I suggest you go somewhere else.

Secondly, what I choose to read is something for my own entertainment or the support of another author. If you choose to leave negative feedback, and judgement in the way of who I am as a person because of it, then we have problems. This blog is to share what I enjoyed or didn’t and help spread the word for other authors.


ARC = Advanced Review Copy
SD = Start Date
FD = Finish Date
HEA = Happily Ever After

Here is the list of books I read for the month.

My Pirate at Midnight || SD: 08/31/2022 FD: 09/07/2022
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland || SD: 09/07/2022 FD: 09/09/2022
All’s Fair in Love and Leaderboards || SD: 09/09/2022 FD: 09/11/2022
The Inevitable Us || SD: 09/11/2022 FD: 09/14/2022
The Archers Book of Farming and the Countryside || SD: 08/05/2022 FD: 09/15/2022
Claimed and Tamed : Steamy Romance Anthology || SD: 09/14/2022 FD: 09/16/2022
Their Monstrous Natures || SD: 09/16/2022 FD: 09/17/2022
Blood Money || SD: 09/17/2022 FD: 09/20/2022
Enslaved || SD: 09/20/2022 FD: 09/22/2022
Stacey The School Slut Sissy || SD: 09/22/2022 FD: 09/23/2022
Named: SD 09/23/2022 FD: 09/24/2022
Nurse Norman and Nanny Nancy || SD: 09/23/2022 FD: 09/25/2022
Tokyo Sissy Hostess Part One || SD: 09/26/2022 FD: 09/26/2022
Tokyo Sissy Hostess Part Two || SD: 09/26/2022 FD: 09/26/2022
Modeling for Mrs. Morningwood Pt. 1 || SD: 09/28/2022 FD: 09/28/2022
Modeling for Mrs. Morningwood Pt. 2 || SD: 09/28/2022 FD: 09/28/2022
The Fifth Wife Part One || SD: 09/29/2022 FD: 09/29/2022
The Fifth Wife Part Two || SD: 09/29/2022 FD: 09/29/2022

My Pirate at Midnight by Jocelyn Vonne

#ARC #HEA #5star #cliffhanger

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was having a slow start, I wasn’t immediately drawn in. That was my problem and not the book. This book is quite well written!

It’s third person and tells a story of a girl who seeks adventure and doesn’t even really know it. When she ends up on a misguided path and lands on a pirate ship.

Slowly she falls madly in love with Bruce and has many adventures with the Admiral.

This book will charm you and worm its way into your heart. It does end in a very middle of nowhere, and it looks as if there is more, which I can’t wait to read and find out what happens!

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: I really like the idea of pirates… obviously I have never met one, and this book really just touched what I needed… but the cliffhanger, darn I just ugh… I’m gonna need more of this ASAP!

Link to Amazon: My Pirate at Midnight

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

#HEA #5star #PromptRead

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I didn’t read this exact edition but I couldn’t find my ebook version from Barnes and Nobles.

I never was really interested in Alice and wonderland growing up that I remember, my sister was a much bigger fan. But I’ve seen only movies and different renditions. I really appreciate the writing style the author had in those days. Along with other great legends like L.M. Montgomery, Dr. Seuss, Jane’s Austin, and Shakesphere. Top notch once again!

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: I had seen so many online versions of the retelling that I was like, I never read the original. Plus, it was my book for my prompt of the month. The prompt was to read a book that was written before 1900.

Link to Amazon: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

All’s Fair in Love and Leaderboards by Alina Lane

#ARC #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have been an avid reader of Alina Lane’s since the very first day. I’ve loved her characters, her writing style and her 🔥. Alina is an amazing writer and even though I was sad to leave the sweet confinements of Felt, we were in Phoneix, with Meadow and her nearby, next-door-neighbor, enemy, Griffin.

Griffin and Meadow are bounty hunters and they’re both stuck on a job that is personal to Meadow. I think the author hit a lot of sensitive topics in this book in delicate but appropriate limelight. One of her best friends was in an abusive relationship, and Griffin’s mother battles Alzheimer’s.

And I can admit that the end of this book had some twists that I didn’t see happening. I just overall loved the story.

I give the overall story
2🔥 (not overall spice, which is nice as the plot is the main focus)

Elisabeth van der Wilt
Added Note

This book was so good, and it was so long since I read it, but damn, Griffin and Meadow were an amazing couple. They did it really good and filled it with tough subjects again, with amazing artistic style… plus, the back and forth was HOT!

Link to Amazon: All’s Fair in Love and Leaderboards

The Inevitable Us by Annelise Devereaux

#ARC #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Firstly this book has some major triggers and if that offends you I don’t suggest you read the book. There is an age gap of over 20 years, and he has known her since she was born.

At first I was a bit against the entire thing, wondering if I could get into it. But I loved twilight, even the Jacob and Renesseme plot, so I could like anything right?

The story is an overly sweet romance. It’s a slow burn but a fast-paced one… if that makes any sense. It’s how I’ve been describing it to people.

I loved how the author told the story about Rosalie finding her way in school, the family, and the relationship with her bodyguard, and that epilogue was not how or what I expected but I absolutely adored it.

Great story… I also never read the first book so it was easier for me to have a distaste for the parents.

2 🔥 on the level of spice
5 ⭐ for character development, plot, and dragging me in.

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: I signed up for too many ARC books this year, but I was happy to see her style. I had heard about it in a group I am part of on Facebook, but seeing this and reading this book man, I was crazed by it!

Link to Amazon: The Inevitable Us

The Archers Book of Farming and the Countryside by Anthony Parkin

#monthlyto-do #4star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Archers Book of Farming and the Countryside is awesome for those who want to learn about farming but don’t want something hardcore. Anthony Parkin, described a story which made it seem like a long and winded story about farming.

No real plot except characters that described different problems in the farming community of England. It was really awesome!

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: N/A

Link to Amazon: The Archers Book of Farming and the Countryside

Claimed and Tamed (Anthology) by a LOT of authors…

This set includes a novella from each of the following authors:

Destined for the Alpha – Vanessa Brooks
Claiming Cara – Sassa Daniels
After Dark – Laci Paige
Waiting to Be Claimed – Tia Fanning
Claiming Kylie – R.J. Gray
Rule Number Nine – Stella Shelton
Winner’s Claim – Kandi Lane
Keeping His Dollface – Leslie Ayla
Vixen – Quell T. Fox
Player 2 – Sapphire Winters

#ARC #cliffhangers #5star #spicy

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Each of these stories in the Claimed and Tamed Romance Anthology was amazing!

It was enough to make me💦
🔥 The spice was through the roof, I’d give a solid 4 or 5 on this one.

That’s my overall review… now onto each little story.

Claiming Cara – Sassa Daniels
I don’t read many paranormal stories but this was good… I LOVED their relationship it was a great opener.

After Dark – Laci Paige
This was… an enticing book, had me wanting more… I really loved the idea of the prince and everything… plus this kept things open and told me this book was in for a lot of fun!

Waiting to be Claimed – Tia Fanning
Yes, okay this was all the things, and I really hope Ms. Fanning expands on their story… like tell me more please… and can there be a larger retreat book ahah!

Claiming Kylie – RJ Gray
This was like a part of a story… I am normally not into military personal when I read my books I was surprised it even had me interested, but it did.

Rule Number Nine – Stella Shelton
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Robots… but then plot twist… Won’t spoil it but damn I wish the plot twist wasn’t there I was really enjoying it!

Winner’s Claim – Kandi Lane
This was a really good book. I liked the switch of personality.

Keeping His Dollface – Leslie Ayla
🔥🔥🔥🔥 GIVE ME more! That’s all I can say, thank you.

Vixen – Quell T. Fox
Same as above… please give me more, this deserved so much but loved the domme personality.

Player – Sapphire Winters
This seemed like a longer story then the rest… I was really interested and then it paused and did a time skip… it threw me off and lost my interest… Sadly. 

Elisabeth van der Wilt
Added Note: Spoiler Edition

I really don’t like anthologies, but I also do. Let me explain.

Authors do one of two things, a) its a short story that has a beginning to end OR b) its a part of a larger story and has yet more to be written. Other than that, some are good and some aren’t your fave. I like the short factor but at the same time I don’t.

Plus… Rule Number 9 I was so sad that it really wasn’t about robots.. it was a stimulation, but that book was awesome.

Link to GoodReads: Claimed and Tamed

Their Monstrous Natures by Honor St. Jean

#ARC #HEA #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was so surprised by my liking this.

I do not normally read monster books, so by my reading it and liking it… plus it has a bit of RH in there… damn, I was intrigued… very interested and enjoyed quite a lot of this book.

Actually, what am I kidding, I loved it right away. I was disappointed with how short it was, and how I craved

I hope the author writes a similar story but that the ending is a bit different and longer inside a haunted house hehe!

Great job!

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: This was too short, and the ending was so YUMMY!

Link to GoodReads: Their Monstrous Natures

Blood Money by Raven Rage

#ARC #cliffhanger #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The first part of the book really was a letdown for me, I was like… oh no! I really loved the first one, so I was a little concerned. Then, I was encaptured in the love-hate relationship Alex and Alize had.

But the part that sold me right away was the ending. I don’t want to spoil anything but I am SO excited for the third installment.

Blood Money is a must-read if you love smut, story, and mafia. If you love twists, turns, and darkness. If you love mean girls, bad boys, and dual POV… this book is for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This book is not for you if you can’t handle any of the above. Also… when is the next one Raven?

Elisabeth van der Wilt
Added Note: Spoiler Edition

In the beginning, I did not like the story, I was dragging my feet, ready for the end. But then it picked up, they united and it was HOT, along with the fact she got pregnant, the ending really had me screaming. A) because I guessed it (doula me always knows) and then B) I was really excited and sad that it ended… you want this book, believe me.

Link to GoodReads: Blood Money

Enslaved by Cheyenne Browning

#ARC #4star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Enslaved is a book that involves many dark elements. At first, I was captured, and then I was a little confused. (I always have this when there are multiple POV’s)

Then I went and got soaked into Cora’s world. I personally loved Saphira and I think I would have loved more focus on that than on the mate bond.
Which is strange for me.

There were a lot of different plot lines going on, and they all had good heat to them. The characters were each so unique and different. Personally, I find that its difficult when multiple characters are there to make sure they are all special and unique!

Not that the book needed more characters. Also, not a fault on the author might even be my own.

Regardless Cheyenne did an amazing job! I am excited to see other books from this author.
Also there was a HEA so in my mind I was satisfied!

🔥🌶 3
⭐ 4 

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: Personally, I was a little confused in the beginning but that might have just been me. I think the author was having a lot of fun with the story, which I could say I enjoyed as well!

Goodreads Link: Enslaved

Stacey The School Slut Sissy by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #4star #novella

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Stacey is the school s!ut and she likes to get all the boys. They look her way and enjoy her time, but they call her names, and pick on her because she isn’t like “regular girls”.

She’s a sissy. I thought the story was pretty good, it was third person, and it was falling under the category of erotica, and with those books the plot suffers. It ends off on a cliffhanger, and I hope the author continues our Stacey to see what happens!

Intrigued to see more from this author.

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: Straight up smut, but it was good.

Goodreads Link: Stacey The School Slut Sissy

Named by M.L. Marion

#ARC #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book was AMAZING! It goes beyond that, as the main characters are the sweetest.
It was one of those books that you want to absorb it all in no time, but you also want to save it and indulge in its beauty.

We’re set in the 1800s with Jedediah Shay and his new bride Dove, who is mute and trauma filled from her past. The jokes in here are so much fun since its the past, and she is innocent and doesn’t know what happens between man and woman.

It’s hilarious, filled with the talk of a future filled with babies, he teaches her how to read and write, and oh how I wish this book was more. So much more.

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Oh Lordy, this book had everything I needed. There was a pregnancy, there was the innocence and the form of forced marriage, it was beautiful. Perfect story, written by an INCREDIBLE author.

Amazon Link: Named

Nurse Norman and Nanny Nancy

#ARC #3star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐

This book was far too short.

I personally think our characters Norman, Nancy, and Robert are amazing but to fit the ABDL side of things it was short and didn’t draw out any of his firsts. I would have loved it if he was more embarrassed about what happened…

Regardless let me say all this.

The characters were fun, and the story ended with a HEA and that’s an important feature for me and my reading pleasures.

Lilly’s books are always very interesting and exciting especially since she brings other cultures into a book, including some of the language!

Elisabeth van der Wilt
Added Note: Spoiler Edition

Not really a huge fan of this book, the author is amazing and we talk so much, she is just the sweetest, regardless, I was able to read almost all of her books and enjoy quite a few of them. This one just wasn’t what I had hoped it was. I think it felt more M/M and that wasn’t what I really craved.

Goodreads Link: Nurse Norman and Nanny Nancy

Tokyo Sissy Hostess Part One by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #4star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I really enjoyed mama-san and the other culture this book brought to you, since we were in Japan.
Everything about this story was enjoyable and I think it was good, really built up the story.
A blogger living off his rich parents money needs to earn more and with a little help from mama-san
He is well on his way to making it happen… I’m off to read book 2

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: N/A

GoodReads link: Tokyo Sissy Hostess Part One

Tokyo Sissy Hostess Part Two by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #4star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book was also really good and was a continuation of the previous book. It was special because it also had romance… was I happy with who the sissy chose? Not really, but I am grateful to have read the book.

I would have preferred if he was with the Japanese man… regardless the story was about love and how it can be hidden in places you might never expect.

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: N/A

GoodReads link: Tokyo Sissy Hostess Part Two

Modeling for Mrs. Morningwood Pt. 1 by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5 Stars, and I can tell you why…

Romance… I’m a sucker for a good story, and although I wasn’t too excited about the cheating, it was in my opinion needed… I don’t know if it would have been just enjoyable as she divorced and then came back.

Regardless great story and I sucked this up real quick and then had to move on to part 2. 

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: I really was disappointed by the cheating… but I got over it since I thought it was fun and had the age gap of older woman and younger man.

GoodReads link: Modeling for Mrs. Morningwood

Modeling for Mrs. Morningwood Pt. 2 by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #5star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A continuation I really needed…. it was a HEA which means the most to me.

I really liked the characters… I was concerned about Danny’s age for a minute, but seeing as he was the summer… I can assume that he was over the age of consent.

I really loved the characters and Mrs. Morningwood was a funny person. I really enjoyed this one!

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: N/A
GoodReads Link: Modeling for Mrs. Morningwood

The Fifth Wife Part One by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #4star
My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I thought this story was going to be some kind of reverse harem or a harem for that matter… though the main lead was married to four wives, the story didn’t really deal with that topic… it dealt with the rules in the Middle East against trans people.

It was a very interesting story, especially for erotica…

Elisabeth van der Wilt

Added Note: One thing I’ve noticed with her stories, although the baseline is smut, sex and erotica, its actually got a lot of plot to it, and that’s what I’ve mainly come for in her stories.
GoodReads Link: The Fifth Wife

The Fifth Wife Part Two by Lilly Lustwood

#ARC #4star

My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This actually gave me quite a giggle.

The author gave us such history and then to picture the situation (won’t spoil it for others) it was quite a fun book.

Especially the ending 😮 I did not see that coming at all!

Great job again!

Elisabeth van der Wilt

This book was unbelievable… it a) showed a lot of what Trans people face with Iran, which I am always interested in learning about the world, and b) I couldn’t believe the ending, where the wife of the man was lesbian and slept with the fifth wife… it was totally a different ending and it came out of left field.

GoodReads Link: The Fifth Wife

OVERALL, an even bigger reading month than last and they were all ARC’s. I didn’t touch my Year of Study Books, I actually got my prompt book of the month done.

I am excited to see how much more I can do in October.

Goodreads total now: 84/75
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