I can’t tell you how many about me pages I’ve tried writing, and each one just doesn’t come out right.

Maybe you’re wanting to learn more about me in the aspect of my books. Wondering why this website has so many things to offer.

Or maybe you’re looking to hire me as your virtual assistant, voice actor, website designer, etc…

Either way, you want me. All of that is me. To host a hundred websites is impossible, I can’t keep up with the design, costs, etc. So one feeding ground that helps with it all is right here.

So let’s dive right in, learning about me.

picture of Lisa and her sister Rebekah real young....

I’m Elisabeth (or Lisa) van der Wilt. I am twenty-two years old and multi-talented. I’ve had a computer since I was ten years old and since that access, I’ve discovered all the things I could do with it.

At twelve years old, I discovered Wattpad, I was obsessed with Twilight, so I wrote a version of it in my own mind. Then moved on to write my ’16 and Pregnant with Twins’ Series. I took it down and published it at seventeen years old.

When I was seventeen I discovered Fiverr and started Beta reading for people. I ended up being really good at it, and I kind of loved it. So I kept doing that, eventually branching out to help more people with virtual tasks.

This is where life got super hectic, I was doing a year at university before turning eighteen and becoming a doula. I was still active with online tasks but because I focused on my doula work I put a pause on everything else.

My love for babies, pregnancy, and working with these kinds of people was my jam.

excited Lisa

Before long, covid hit, and my life turned upside down, and to save myself from insanity I threw myself back into virtual tasks, realizing it was considered virtual assistant work.

I have always been good at working with website design through Weebly, Wix, and WordPress.

I was used to getting other programs as I wanted to do things myself

I wrote more books to suffocate the rummaging thoughts, and as I got clients who really spoke with who I was, I found myself getting new things done, new goals and feeling great, even though the world was falling apart.

I’ve done so many random things in my life I can’t surely list them all here, but I’ve branched out a lot, and I’m a hell of a good person. Quality traits I can disclose to you are as follows.

  • Communicative
  • Loyal
  • Helpful
  • Fast Learner

I love to be there for people and it’s why I was good with my doula work.

If you have any questions, I’m an open book. Don’t feel like you can’t ask me anything, because you can, and I will answer.

Nerdy but Cute facts about me….

I’m in the Ravenclaw House.