Author of 16 and Pregnant with Twins

Elisabeth van der Wilt —- “I’m an author, babysitter, volunteer, Catholic but above all I am a dreamer!” ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Elisabeth was born to her family in Ontario, Canada. Her father was a high school teacher for a long time until he got diagnosed with Cavernous Angioma in 2010 when he was now at home and on disability for the remainder of his life. Her mother was a stay-at-home parent. She raised four kids the eldest being Elisabeth or commonly known around the house Lisa.

Elisabeth has three other siblings, a sister Rebekah, and two brothers Nathan and David. She tends to be very close with all of them.

Her education was not like any normal student. She was homeschooled and has ever since Grade 3. She always was very fond of English and writing above them all. She has many hobbies and loves other things.

Her hobbies include collecting Barbie’s, Playing Minecraft, Volunteer work at a local senior home and at a local second-hand store.

She loves to write being a passion for quite some years. She wrote 16 and Pregnant with Twins when she was only 12 years old. She knew at that age already she really wanted to publish it and let everyone get a chance to own the book.

Now only 17 and in her first year of University she is studying for her Business degree while continuing her education she hopes to keep publishing the series and more of her books. She also hopes to get another degree of Early Childhood Education.