Advanced Review Copies/Beta Reader/ Book Cover Helper

Author of 16 and Pregnant with Twins

Interested in free books? Do you love to write honest reviews? You want to be an (ARC) Advanced Review Copy!

When I am looking for a person to be an Advanced reviewer you will get the book before it’s published. What’s better than getting something free?

You get to receive a free ebook to read. When you’re finished your job is to write two reviews. One for Amazon and another on any other social media platform. And share it here on my website.

These reviews are very important to spread the words on my books. So you can try to sign up below and see if your picked.

Interested in helping me with my books? Do you know when a book is lacking, or just general editing help? You want to be a Beta Reader!

As a Beta reader you get to see the draft of the draft. You need to inform me of my errors. It will usually be very different than the book. (So maybe sign up to be an ARC as well) You’ll need to be brutally honest (but not cruel, aiming for helpful here), be an  reader/writer, and know what makes a book work or fall flat.

Interested in helping my book covers? Do you think you would have a picture or some drawing skills to work with? You want to be my Book Cover Helper!

Book Covers go under art. With my book 16 and Pregnant with Twins I had a model use a photo from her home album and used it on the cover. With my other books I will need either pictures or if you can draw to use them. All you have to do is sign a photo-release form.

What will you get in return? An autographed copy of the book.

Fill in the Form Below to help me out with one of the following!

If you're under 18. Don't fret you can still sign up. But go get your parent or guardian to help you out.
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