16 and Pregnant with Twins

Author of 16 and Pregnant with Twins

The laws of attraction are forbidden in the home of Lora’s parents, who are devout Catholics. The laws of attraction are regarded as a choice and a sin. When longtime friends Lora and Tommy give in to their love, on Lora’s sixteenth birthday, and Lora becomes pregnant, there is hell to pay. Lora is, even more, overwhelmed to discover she is having twins and now Lora may be forced to leave her parents house.

Lora and Tommy will only survive if their love beats the odds under pressure to create a perfect life for their unborn babies.

Decisions have to be made, and Lora is worried if she’ll be left to be a single mother raising two babies on her own.

Will Lora and Tommy’s love conquer all and defeat the odds?

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