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Please note that these books have not been professionally edited and came from when I was much younger. Know this going in, before leaving a poor review.

Hidden Feelings

A story about two people who can’t stand each other.
But when they have to live together for one whole week to take care of some children. They discover the feelings between them. This is a tale about a family.

Mr. & Mrs. D’Angelo go on their second honeymoon. Who is to watch the kids but Mrs. D’Angelo’s sister and Mr. D’Angelo’s best friend. What’s the catch? Nothing, but the fact is they can’t stand each other. What happens when their trip must be longer because of a large Idaho storm? Can they deal without the lists? The planned atmosphere?

Will they survive? Or is it all for nothing?

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Marissa’s Adventures

Marissa and her mother were always so poor but then her mother met a man. He was a king who had riches and sons.

So what happens once they are married and they are happy her mother dies what now happens? years later…

What is going to happen?

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Bloody Love

We all were a fangirl or fanboy of The Twilight Saga, growing up, I was obsessed, take some time to read a similar story to the twilight saga when it comes to Bloody Love.

A retelling of the Twilight Saga

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The Bound Arrangement

From birth, Cristiana had one job, marry Frederick and conceive his child. That child would have the blood to unite Ambrosia and Latherfield. Since childhood, they could not get along and with a pact that determined they should never let love or romance get in the way, she dreaded her future. When she finally did was she was bred to do, she learns things are not as simple as they seem. There are hidden secrets well within the castle walls, let alone the rising tension amongst her and her husband. Will they be able to stick to the pact they made, or will true love win their battles?

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