Here are the Bio’s of Lisa UNLOCKED!

Meet Roxie she is considered my inner devil. She can be seductive and luring and just overly the opposite of how I act in reality.
Meet Goddess Elisabeth. She sees herself as beautiful and always believes there is a good way of figuring things out.
Meet me. I am crazy trying different things, can be a borderline maniac
and personally just someone you will never forget. In a good way or a bad way.
Meet Claudia she is and always will be my inner warrior. She comes to protect me, after some horrible trials she has taught me a few things.
Meet Angel who is my ‘Gody 2 shoes’. She wishes the world could see the turmoil they are doing.
Meet Bessie. She is a bit stuck up and believes the older ways were the better way. (Certain things of course)
Meet Dolly. She is stuck in her ways, clingy, believing that people are all this, tries her hardest to fit in with the latest fads and such.
Meet Ms. Lisa. She has a lot to teach and hopes for everyone to learn. She feels she has something important enough to say to you.