The Cursed Embrace

GENRENew Adult Romance/ Historical Romance
TROPESRe-Telling of Phantom of the Opera/ Beauty and the Beast
COUPLECharlie & Rose
PUBLISH DATEJuly 10th 2023

arranged marriage, re-telling of beauty and the beast, re-telling of Phantom of the Opera

pregnancy, arranged marriage, POTO, BATB

arranged marriage, slow burn

man and woman near grass field


Charlie has been cursed to hide in the shadows, alone, forever. One day, with one of the magical items he received from the witch who placed the curse, he is granted a chance to communicate with someone from the real world.

There he talks to the famous performer Rose Beaulieu to perform for ‘The Society’. When Rose comes to perform in the mansion – having many bumps along the way, she finds herself alone, in the grasp of a madman. Trapped in the mansion, she is forced to stay with him, unable to leave.

When, by some miracle, Rose’s fiancée finds her, will she go willingly? Or will she realize that her heart was never really trapped with Charlie?