I’ve done voice acting since I was young but not until a professional opportunity came.

I’ve worked for a company called Donut and helped produce their videos with my voiceovers. I can be your voice actor for just about anything related to the media, phone systems, and characters in games. Some projects have even included recording audiobooks.

From different ranges, I can support you and your dream. Discuss things with me by contacting me below and determining if the project is right for you.

I will also provide a sample if you’d like prior to the purchase of my voice acting skills.


I charge $10 for every 50 words. I also do package deals. <— contact me for bundles or working on a package.

  • Full Broadcasting Rights (TV, Radio, Ads) $30
  • Commercial Rights (Non-Profit & Internet, Games, etc) $15
  • WAV Format (normally the file is mp3) $20
  • Additional Revision ( 2 extra days on the timeline) $10


This is in retrospect for a music-based project I was working on with Jordon…


Check back often with my samples. I’m always trying to update it with new things I think clients or future clients might like.

Older Voice Demo (2019)
Read to my Mother (2022)

Do you have more questions? Are you interested in booking a meeting? Use the button below to contact me.